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Samantha and  Brett

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Our Story

How We Met:

The love story of a Sales Rep in Raleigh and a Nurse in Durham started as many do today, through a dating app called Hinge. Drawn together by a mutual love for Boston sports their bond took off and grew from there. Beginning with Mexican and margs at Bar Taco, the first date of this once figure skater and hockey player of course ended with some time on the ice. Things were moving along well for a few months but a busy Summer for both, and Sam beginning grad school, ended with them taking different paths. However, this story was not meant to end and after Sam reached out to Brett again in October 2019, they were finally official come December when Brett called Sam on her birthday. Timing was everything and it all worked out perfectly. Only a few months into dating COVID hit and Brett and Sam got to really test their relationship with living together during quarantine. Over the past 3.5 years, Brett and Sam endured a rigorous graduate program, a pandemic and life changing family events. Through all the ups and downs they’ve been there for each and are building their life together.

The Proposal

What Sam thought was a graduation gift as a weekend in Boston turned into a fairytale engagement. Brett, the ultimate planner, remained cool, calm and collective the whole time and was determined to pull off the ultimate surprise on the person who said she always figured out everything! Sam will say she had some slight intuition that Brett was up to something, but his demeanor made her second guess the possibility. They stayed at The Newbury Hotel overlooking the Boston Gardens. After an amazing dinner Friday night, breakfast with an old coworker Saturday morning, lots of shopping and walking they got ready for dinner. Leaving the hotel Brett surprised Sam with a graduation gift of a necklace from Tiffany’s (great distraction since Sam figured a necklace meant no ring). As they walked to dinner through the Public Garden Brett asked for a picture on the bridge where they had pictures taken previously. Right there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon he dropped to a knee and proposed while a family friend initially tucked out of sight took photos and had a bottle of champagne waiting to pop! There was no end to his plan and the next big surprise was an Uber to dinner in Boston’s North End where Brett had their parents and siblings along with several of their best friends waiting to celebrate. The night was an absolute dream!